Saturday, December 10, 2011

Welcome baby!

HWK 11-22-11

So here you are Hannah! You arrived late on a Tuesday night. I had a feeling that the 22nd would be the day you would be ready to join us, even though I had hoped perhaps that it would happen earlier, I knew you would most certainly join us by that Tuesday night ~ a little bit of mommy intuition, I suppose.

You are now almost two weeks old. You are easy going, you sleep well (almost so well that it's hard to get you to eat at times... you tend to pass out before you can finish), and are generally content unless very hungry. I'm surprised at how many differences I see in you, already, compared to bear, neither good nor bad, just different. You two are certainly not the same people and in some ways it's almost as if you know you're not the only kiddo here that needs to be taken care of.

I'm not too sure just yet if you will be fully blonde. When we hold you up to the sun light we see lots of reds and blondes mixed in with your dark newborn baby hair. Your eyes still have no pigment but I have a good feeling they will be blue just like bear's and daddy's. We will have to wait and see what you hair and eyes decide to do.

I, even more than before, feel content and happy. I thought perhaps that I would be sharing the love I had for bear with you, but that's not true at all. My heart has only grown, rather than divided. And though I do have my moments, I am happier then ever to have brought you into our family. I've always wanted a large family and we are blessed to have you as a second addition. I am so excited to watch you grow, the year ahead of us is going to be an exciting one!

Your sister loves you very much too. She has had a little bit of trouble with the transition of having a new baby in the house but each day she becomes more adjusted. She loves doing tummy time with you and frequently offers you part of her lunch or snack. She wants to help me take care of you and she's is so very gentle with you. I am very impressed with how sweet she is to you. I know you two will be best buddies some day.

To my sweet Hannah ~ thank you for being the lovely sweet pea that you are.


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