Friday, June 15, 2012

Guest Post: Easy Exercise Tips for New Moms

Easy Exercise Tips for New Moms 
by Katie Moore
You’ve weathered the seemingly endless final days of your pregnancy and delivered your beautiful new baby boy or girl. Now between getting to know your little one, juggling the demands of motherhood and dealing with sleep deprivation, you’re also starting to think about losing the baby weight and getting your body back. What’s a new mom to do? First of all, take a deep breath and relax. It’s okay to start small. Exercise is a known stress-reducer, and getting physical will also improve the few hours of sleep you manage to get each night.
Before beginning a weight loss program, consult with your doctor to be sure your body is ready for the demands of exercise and healthy enough to drop the extra weight. A doctor was you main resource for medical concerns when it came to learning about pain management, what to expect in the delivery and options like umbilical cord blood banking and circumcision, so post-delivery care and choices should be no exception.

Go on Walkabout
Walking is one of the best ways to begin your exercise regime with your baby and is one of the most natural human movements to get your heart rate up. You’ll spend plenty of time with the stroller in the months and years to come. In the early weeks, go for walks while cradling your baby in your arms or a sling. The extra weight will tone your arms and intensify your workout. Wear sturdy shoes for support and avoid uneven terrain or broken concrete. Walk indoors at a shopping mall on rainy days, but head outdoors whenever possible.

Dance, Dance, Baby
Children love music, and even newborns will turn their heads in response to sound. Dancing is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. As a bonus, it’s fun! Hold your baby securely in front of you, making sure to support his or her head, turn up the music and dance. Avoid sharp, swinging turns or bouncing to protect your baby’s neck. If you really want to get down, put the baby in a carrier or swing and cut the rug while he or she watches. You may see that first smile while you’re working out.

Get Down with Yoga 
The contemplative poses of a yoga practice strengthen and lengthen the muscles of the body, tone the abdomen, improve posture and reduce stress. Search online for a beginning or post-natal practice, and make tummy time for baby yoga time for mom. Spread your mat next to the baby’s blanket and try cat/cow, tricky cat, tabletop pose, child’s pose, and a twist. Plank pose is great for building six-pack abs. In addition to being physically challenging, yoga also promotes weight loss through mindfulness. When you feel relaxed and centered, you’re less likely to overeat.

Make Every Movement Count 
Fitting in a full-length workout is a challenge most new moms face, so it’s important to take every opportunity to get active. Park at the back of the lot, do calf raises while you’re doing dishes and crunches while you watch TV. New moms often feel so overwhelmed that they forget to eat. Especially if you’re nursing, take time to eat several small, nutritious meals throughout the day and be sure to drink plenty of water. With a little creativity and determination, you’ll be back in your pre-baby wardrobe in no time. You can do it!

Soon, you’ll be feeling back to your normal self with more energy and you can watch the pounds start to drop off. With healthy lifestyle choices, you can stay healthy for your baby and foster a healthy environment for them to grow up in. 

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