Monday, February 21, 2011

A tale of meeting Pauly Shore & other D list celebs.

Back in January, when Grammy and Pop-pop were in town, Dada and I took off for Vegas with friends, for a quick get away. Vegas is not usually our style--when it comes to vacations, as we're known for more adventurous outings such as hiking, and camping, or exploring a new city- like San Fran. But after being parents for over a year and a half, and living on the other side of the content from the majority of our family-- we were ready to make up for some lost time... in date nights, that is.

So we said goodbye to bear and 'cadia and headed to Vegas!

Is that Pauly Shore?!

On our last night in V town we ended up at the Playboy Club, at the Palms. We all grabbed drinks at the bar and began to check the place out; it wasn't too long before we noticed that we had ended up at the same small club as Pauly Shore, Tom Green, Dave Navarro, and Andy Dick. It was certainly the icing on the cake for our crazy get away, in the best known party city.

I had a great time but I don't plan on going back to Vegas anytime soon. It was just one of those things that I needed to get out of my system. And though they may say "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas..." it's not necessarily true, because my horrible hangover followed me all the way home and hung out for the next day or so... 

BUT! It was certainly worth it!

Bear's mom. 

The best way to start off
a weekend in Vegas!


  1. How cool that is! It's always fun to be able to say you met someone famous. Even if they're "D-listers" lol :)

  2. I've never been to Vegas but it's someplace i'd like to go one day but maybe as part of a climbing trip to Red Rocks.


  3. Hi. I saw you sent a tweet about the blog hop. That was so nice of you! I tweeted about you too :)

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  5. Love this story! My hubs and I have been to Vegas twice before kids and there w/o our kids 2 times after (our boys are 4 and 2). Its not necessarily our style either but its quick, fun and you can find good deals!