Awaiting Bananas

Banana, 22 weeks

I went in for a diagnostic ultrasound two weeks ago. Something of concern was found on Hannah's heart during her gender  ultrasound so our doctor recommended a diagnostic screening to make sure there were no real concerns.

Everything turned out fine but Hannah was very entertaining and active during the screening. The technician needed to take a good look at Hannah's face but struggled the majority of the exam as Hannah was busy hiding it under her hand; you can see this in the bottom picture. Hannah was wide awake and as I watched her on the screen she was bending her fingers back and forth, over and over, bopping her nose and forehead. It made me laugh to see this sweet little thing explore her fingers - though I'm sure she was wondering what it was that kept bopping her on the head. It had only been two weeks since I saw her last on that familiar TV screen and some how poof - she looked completely full baby now, she was filling out and now weighed a whole whopping pound, oy (for my tummy)!

When I went home, that evening,  I read that during this week (at the time of the exam) touch had just developed; So Hannah's finger play was really just her way of showing off her new skills!

Following the technician's exam I was told to wait for the Doctor to come in to make a final check-up and to review with me their findings. I waited about 5 minutes and within that time Hannah had fallen asleep. She would not budge, she laid their completely content with her hand over her nose and her mouth wide open. No matter what the Doctor did Hannah would not wake up, she had obviously worn herself out from all the finger experimentation she had been doing just a few minutes ago.

Awaiting Hannah

Our first family photo. August, 2011.

37 weeks