Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Skele-gin Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Yes, it's over but I wanted to share some of our photos.

I decided again to make bear's costume this year. The hard part was trying to figure out what bear really wanted to be since she kept changing her mind almost at an hourly rate. First she wanted to be a ghost, so I came up with a great idea on how to make a fun ghost costume. Then she decided to be a skeleton *Skele-gin!* which then quickly transformed into a skeleton princess.

So I started doing research on this costume. But before I could even head out to the craft store bear changed her mind again and became fully set on being Cinderella. This costume idea stuck with bear through the majority of October. I was a little bummed... This meant that I would not be making bear's costume as my sewing skills are not really on par with the fabulousness of the Disney princess dresses. She probably would have ended up looking more like Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas if I had made any sort of attempt at this one.

Even though I was a little disappointed, I didn't tell bear. I wanted to make sure that she got to be what she wanted to be and headed off to the Disney store to buy her a new princess dress and a ridiculous pair faux glass slippers. I could still make my costume ~ so no big deal really.

Fortunately (in the long run...), bear had a big tantrum in the middle of the Disney store which prompted me to leave since she wouldn't calm down. We left without a costume; me flustered by the audience I was obtaining as we rushed out and bear bursting with tears and anger, simultaneously trying to fight her way out of the stroller...

But it would end up working out for the best, even though it didn't feel that way at the time...

The very next day daddy asked bear again what she wanted to be. Bear said "skele-gin!" Yay!

She then asked: "What are you gonna be, daddy?" Daddy said, "I don't know, what should I be?"
"A skele-gin!" Said bear.

Overhearing this conversation, it was officially decided. We would all be skeletons! Daddy has been very anti-dressing up for halloween but he couldn't say no to bear. And I was certainly going to exploit this moment as much as I could!

Knowing my tummy was going to be quite large by Halloween, I had been planning a bump included costume for myself. Some of my ideas were Mike from monsters ink (wear a green shirt and paint a large eye ball on my tummy) and a bump drawn pumpkin.

But while searching for templates and pictures of bones for bear's costume I came across this blog: make it and love it  Which is where I got the idea for my part of our skeleton family costumes. Make it and love it provides a helpful tutorial. All I needed was black shirts, black pants for bear, freezer paper, exacto knife, iron, and fabric paint.

I drew all of our bones onto the freezer paper, used an exacto knife to make stencils with the drawings, ironed the stencils on to our shirts, painted, peeled, and added a bow for little miss number two, on my tummy. Easy! A little time consuming, but easy! It made for the perfect family themed costumes and we now have some great pictures to cherish as this Halloween was bear's first time trick-or-treating!

Little miss number two gets dressed up too!

Bear, The Skeleton Princess

The Skeleton Family

It's hard to tell but my husband has a beer, hamburger, and martini in his stomach. It was very fitting for the day since he spent the weekend in Vegas. It was an early 30th birthday event as little miss number two will be arriving right around the actual day. 

So that was our Halloween. Our first trick-or-treating filled Halloween was a success! Bear got lots of candy, saw lots of skele-gins, and loved her costume!

Now it's time to get ready for Thanksgiving since we'll be celebrating the holiday two weeks early.

Happy Candy Eating!

bear's mom

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