Monday, October 22, 2012

One Month To Go!

My little one turned 11 months old today. Holy guacamole! That means that exactly one month from today we will be in NY celebrating her first birthday. We will also be celebrating Thanksgiving, as it falls on the same day. Last year we brought roo home from the hospital on Thanksgiving, so whether or not her birthday actually falls on the holiday, it will now always be an extra special day. 

It's been a tough year, all the adjustments, the changes, but a blessed year just as well.

Bear continues to struggle ever day with the fact that she is no longer the only baby in this house. But it's a process and I'm starting to realize that it's not about the perfect moments, it's about the struggles and how we over come them, how we move on from them and how we become better people because of it all. And as I've become more aware of this, the easier it is to ride out the storm, as I know everything will work its way out in due time. 

And just as bear struggles, Roo struggles too. She struggles to keep up with her big sister and she struggles every day to get her attention. Roo frequently doesn't get the response, from bear, that I would like her to get; I hope this coming year will allow me some time to figure out how I can improve their relationship, or at least not make it any worse.

Now on to roo's ever developing skills! 

Yes, I am biased but to me roo is a very little inquisitive genius. And don't get me wrong, I have two beautiful geniuses on my hands, but they are both very different and have/are developing in very different ways. We know now at eleven months that roo is feisty, happy and persistent (aka stubborn) like her big sister. She is sociable and friendly and I am extremely impressed by her very early verbal skills. Since 9 months she's been saying "hi!"We (my husband and I) are also impressed by the way she plays and keeps herself busy throughout the day. She is a serious toy explorer and house object scientist! She wants to know what every thing is and exactly how she's supposed to use it.

With bear, at this age, we worked consistently on sign language but with roo I don't have as much time. Fortunately it's not completely necessary as she is trying as hard as she can to tell me what she wants through her various babbles. And amongst her babbles she continues to build on her words.

Mama = "I'm Hungry!"
Dada = Anyone I see who's not Mama & can't feed me
Eddy, set = "Ready, Set..." ("ready, set, go")
Uh = Uh oh

Pulling up and starting to cruse
Fully crawling

Refuses jarred baby food and prefers real finger foods, especially if someone else is eating the same thing. 
Bottle fed for one more month and already on the decline thanks to her love of real food!

Eating lunch (strawberries, cheese & tomatoes)


How things have changed:

3.5 months old

4 days old


Bear this age, 2 years ago

Bear again at roo's age


This time last year

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