Sunday, April 8, 2012

I jumped the sleep gun...

It's been a while since I've written. We made the silly mistake of putting our computer in the bedroom, where the baby is still sleeping, leaving me no possibility to write. I've been dying to write! So much has been going on! The experience of being a mother of two is both exciting and over whelming at times. And surprisingly, a little isolating... but I'm working through all this. "This too shall pass..."

Little Miss H is now 4 months old, actually she's just a few days shy of her 5th month. We have been working on her sleeping; it took me multiple attempts over a month or two to get her to nap on her own. It still is not easy! She still tends to fight and fuss through one nap and recently started to stay up after her night feedings to play, which is unbearable at times! But I suppose it's best that it's this way the second time around. For some reason I've just accepted that I'm not going to get the sleep I need anymore... Unless I go to sleep at 7pm, which isn't possible. Some nights I'm lucky and I make it there by 9pm and miss H only wakes once briefly ~ those are the really good nights.

By four months bear was sleeping through the night and taking three predictable naps a day. I thought I was the baby-sleep-whisperer. I had conquered the biggest struggle of baby-hood! Getting baby on a schedule! So I figured with H that she would do the same; OH HOW I was wrong! It's as if the second child humbles you, those things you thought you were better at than others, well that's just your own inexperience. I know they are laughing at me now up in the heavens...

It's OK though. H is teaching me a lot. She's teaching me to go with the flow, because that's all I can really do right now. I may steer this ship but I certainly don't run it, two little people do (and sometimes my four legged yellow-haired child too...).

There's something wonderful about having a second though. It's teaching me again to be a better person and to enjoy the simple, beautiful things in life. And for that my beautiful children, I thank you!

bear (& roo)'s mom

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