Friday, May 28, 2010

A year ago today and onward.

And we've reached 11 months! Wow, just a year ago we were still wondering what bear would look like, would she have blond hair or brown hair? Blues eyes or brown? My nose of daddy's nose? We also pondered what her temperament and personality might be like; would she be shy or outgoing? But most concerning: we wondered if she was really a girl... we had heard a few stories and were worried that Chris' hard work in bear's room -- perfect chocolate brown and bubble gum pink stripes, with a crisp white chair rail to break the stripes away from a sweet ballerina pink coating on the top half-- was all for nothing. A princess room for a prince? Luckily we did get our princess!

This week bear celebrated her 11 month
birthday by taking quite a few falls, we now have 3 bruises on
our face to show for it. Poor thing! Her coordination is developing just a little slower than her eagerness to explore the new world, located two feet off the ground and higher. And, on top of all the bumps and bruises, bear cut two new top teeth last night! It seems like the other two are on their way as well (per the water fall of drool flowing out of her mouth)!

I, being totally unaware that two teeth were making their grand entrance, left bear to cry it out last night as I assumed she had just decided she didn't want to go to bed. After screaming for 20 minutes (unusual for bear!) I went into the room. During my return to bear I found a surprise in her diaper as well as the first top tooth that cut through. While I held her feet up to change her, she took the opportunity to champ down on my finger! Once bear decided to let go of my finger I felt her gums. So this is why you're fussy, I thought! The first tooth had already pushed through and I could feel the tooth next to it getting close.
After a diaper change, some gum messaging, a little Tylenol, and a small bottle I put bear back down. Again she screamed, this time for a half an hour so I decided to let her come out and join us in the living room while we ate dinner. As soon as bear saw daddy's dinner, she immediately pulled herself up to the coffee table and began stealing peas off of daddy's plate (her new favorite thing to eat!). She couldn't get enough! After polishing off daddy's peas and my peas

I moved her to the high chair and gave her her own serving of
veggie rice and she continued to go to town. Something about the roundness and the greenness of the little veggies gets bear all
excited! Shortly after dinner daddy put bear back down, she fussed again but was finally able to fall asleep . She would wake up two more times through out the night :( Both times I rocked
her back to sleep and slowly put her back into her crib. It was clear that she really wanted to be sleeping but was in too much pain. This morning she was very sleepy, she had giant baby bags under her eyes which were bright pink from all of the eye rubbing she had done through out the night. After a nice long morning nap she seemed to be a little more refreshed!

Following morning nap we went to Sign & Sing class. During snack time we found out that bear loves animal crackers... who doesn't like animal crackers?? She sat contently through snack time with the kids, munched on her animal crackers, and listened to two stories. Lately at nap time and bed time bear will take her bottle and listen really nicely to whatever mommy picks
to read. Since she love Elmo, I recently pulled out a more advanced book (it had been sitting in my stash of toys that I use to use for work). Each page had a full paragraph, more appropriately fit for a two year old, but bear sat contently and listened to the story as she admired Elmo.

So long for now!

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