Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Carrots (Finding Joy in the Little Moments)

" Ca-wets, mama! Ca-wets!"

Yes, carrots she demanded, at ten in the morning, as it rained outside. I tried to tell her to wait for lunch, but when my little one gets an idea in her head, she's never easily persuaded to let it go

So we strapped our rain shoes on and went outside.

"Wain, mama! Wain!"

I told her I would stay in the garage and watch her while she danced in the rain, but the twinkle in her clear blue eyes kept me from staying still.

The excitement on her face and the pure joy she experiences in moments like these sends me shooting back to my own childhood. I danced with abandon beside her, around our little court yard, as the rain came pouring down. And she was happy.

We eventually made it over to our garden where my husband and children have spent many weekends planting and harvesting our vegetables. 

The little one and I admired all the green leaved bunches, sprouting out of the earth, and I slowly picked two little carrots for the littlest one in my house.

It is these special moments that I don't want to forget. These moments are magical. They are what keeps my mama energy tank going. They keep me present and they keep me alive.

For life is always a bit more joyful and a bit more colorful through the eyes of a child.


  1. I so agree. It is amazing what a small child will appreciate over an adult.

  2. Their eyes are closer to the ground, they pay attention to the small things. So wonderful.