Saturday, May 8, 2010

A stink bear...

So this past week was the first of our nine work weeks without daddy. Over all it went pretty well... until about Wednesday evening :) While talking with daddy on the phone bear pulled herself up to the coffee table for the first time, which opened a whole new door to her explorative world. I am so excited that she is now pulling up, and this morning she began to "cruise" a little while in her crib, though she eventually resorted to dropping (literally, she just let herself plop on her diaper covered tush) and then crawled to the other side of the crib where I was enticing her with Tigger. This pulling up thing is a mixed bag of excitement, anxiety and a little frustration. Excitement in the fact that my little bear is progressing into toddler hood, anxiety because I'm terrified of the all the bumping and bruising possibilities and frustration because. Well. I can no longer just relax a little during play time because bear can now get into just about anything if I don't keep my eyes 100% on her.
So the first week without daddy had gone very well. I tried my best to not let Acadia drive me nuts. We took long walks twice a day, played long games of catch at the park and even dropped her off at doggy day camp mid week so she could play with her friends. Would this give me a break from her naughty attention seeking behaviors through out the week? No! I knew things would remain the same no matter what I did for "kay-kay." But I still felt bad that her Christopher wasn't home at night to play with her so I tried hard to make her extra happy! It's also very hard to stay mad at the eternal puppy when she's so darn cute!

**Acadia sunbathes**

The week continued, mostly uneventful until Thursday afternoon... That morning, following some much uninvited puppy naughtiness, bear and I met with the neighbors at the park and then went to lunch. It had reached 1 PM and I knew bear had had enough and I was a little concerned that she might not go down for her nap at this point because we had passed her normal nap time. But I figured we could at least try for a nap and she was surprisingly quiet (usually fusses if we are off on nap times) at least until about 20 minutes into her nap. I heard her cry and whine on and off but waited her out for about 15 minutes and then gave in when her cries began to escalate. When I first entered her room she was sitting way in the far corner of the crib, and by the time I made it across the room and up to her I had realized that her dipper was off, fully open (and looked as if it hadn't been worn at all) and laid flat out next to a big stain of pee and you know what which was also all over the crib sheets, bumper and wooden bars of the crib. Also included was a nice poopy hand print at the top handle of the crib, obviously stamped there while she stood and cried for me to come get her... if only babies could talk...
I then looked at her and was even more shocked when I saw that she had poop all over herself! Poop on her face as if she had just had a poop facial, poop on her arms, tummy, t-shirt, legs... every where! Poop as if she had crawled through the poopy trenches... oy!
About two baths later, two hot loads of laundry and a full scrub down of her crib we were back to a clean princess room with a clean princess in it. Thankfully by the time I had finished everything it was nap time again (we still get three naps if our other naps were not so good). Mommy took a nap too!
Even though this was a tiring day, it did make me laugh a lot :)
Happy Mother's Day -- tomorrow is my very first one!

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