Saturday, May 1, 2010

Not such a little bear anymore!

Bear is about 10 months and a half, here are some things she has accomplished:

Over the past two weeks she began to pull her self up on to her knees. On Tuesday she started crawling all the way up on her hands and knees when we were at the park, as if she had been doing it her whole 10 months of life, she did not struggle or strain, with out any warning bear just started to crawl with her tummy fully off the ground. Then, after about 5 crawling steps, she resorted back to her army crawl and we've been seeing her switch on and off between the two styles ever since. On Thursday, after her last nap she surprised both daddy and I buy pulling up to stand all by her self. We were so excited that we both were able to witness this moment! Daddy was most excited because he will be leaving us during the week for work for the next few months and we both know he may miss out on some things.
Bear still loves the outdoors! As soon as we get out she points and babbles for a leaf. Yesterday while running bear kept whining... I thought she might be a little hungry but decided to wait it out a little. She's generally easily distracted while we're outside and almost never requests to eat unless she's starving and tired. About half way into my 3 mile loop I realized the bear had been whining because she wanted a leaf. It hadn't occurred to me to look in on her, the whole time she had been pointing out to the trees for a leaf. I quickly pulled down a eucalyptus leaf for bear and started back up on our 3 miles, keeping a close eye on her in case she decided to taste the leaf.
Bear's eating is amazing! She is willing to try anything. This past week I made her Annie's Mac & Cheese with broccoli hidden amongst the noodles. She also tried my chili yesterday and pretty much polished it off for me. On Friday night we all went out to dinner... pretty early... as Chris would say, "We've joined the blue hairs..." which is true, we were the youngest people in the place for dinner at 5 PM. I gave bear some baby goldfish to snack on (I know... they're not organic- gasp! They're only for special occasions!). Bear loves goldfish! She snacked on them happily and danced to the music that was playing. She bobbed up and down to the beat, very content in her little high chair, she'd take 1/2 a bite of a fish in between dance beats and then chew away while looking at the neat decor, lights and waitresses. I wanted to burst out with laughter, it was honestly one of the cutest things I have ever seen, but I was afraid that if a laughed too much or too loud she might stop. When bear looked the opposite direction I took a few seconds to let out some quiet giggles. She is such a special girl! I don't want to forget this moment!!!
This past week we've been running more with daddy. It's become a full family affair, Acadia included, too! It's been great for me because it's motivating me to get my mileage up and it's been great for Chris because it's motivating him to get out and start running again. Chris lost some motivation for training following his last marathon. He was unable to run this past Huntington Beach Marathon due to a knee injury, on top of that I think he's just a little burnt out with work & the demands of long distance running. Nor is there enough time in the day for him to work, run and spend time with bear before she heads off to bed (at 6PM sharp). On Monday daddy will start working out of town during the week, hopefully we will all keep up with our running even though we won't be able to do it together. I'm also hoping that Acadia doesn't drive me too crazy while daddy is out of town.

So long for now!

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