Friday, April 9, 2010

All shook up on Easter's afternoon

This past Saturday we made the long trip back home. We only had one minor delay on our way out or Albany, sitting on the run way for a half hour which ended up being longer than the first flight itself... We were then blessed with the only open neighboring seat on the plane, thus bear could spread out and have plenty of room to touch and drop whatever.
We got home late and went right to bed. I was exhausted and fighting an awful cold. One cup of NyQuil later and suddenly it was Sunday morning. Happy Easter! Or should I say Shake, rattle, and role.
Easter Sunday as a whole was uneventful, daddy brought us early morning presents. Tulips for mommy and an Easter Tigger for bear. We then had a nice breakfast and went on a mid-day walk with the whole pack.
On our return I sat with my exercise ball at the computer. I was looking at dinner ideas online when the first roll hit. Feeling the start of an earth quake is always delayed. You feel it but the brain doesn't fully grasp it right away. And, already being on a bouncy ball, I wasn't quite sure if the earth was shaking or I was just some how bouncing myself. I stared at my foot and watched it bounce away from the floor. Is the earth shaking again (we had another one about 2 weeks prior at 4:04 AM)? Chris and I figured it out at about the same time, grabbed bear and went to the door way. We thought it had stopped, but we were very wrong! The hardest shake started and we headed outside and joined our neighbors who were leaving their homes at the same exact time as us. No one was quick to return back into their houses. Earth quakes are surreal, I was in complete fight or flight mode during the whole quake but once it stopped for good I started to truly comprehend how I felt about the whole thing. Nervous along with the endorphins, from the shock of the quake were still running through my body. Bear, completely unaware of what had just happened, blissfully romped around in the grass as we chatted with our neighbors. Chris, having the ever handy iphone immediately looked up the quake information on his phone. At the time it was measured as a 6.9 just south of the Mexico boarder, rocking the majority of Southern California. We learned later that it was actually 7.2.
It took about an hour to refocus on dinner and we eventually moved on to the grocery store. The first item on my list: lots of bottled water! We did not pass one person in the store with out bottled water in their cart. Each earth quake is a reminder that the big one is coming. I thank God for every little quake because we are blessed to have missed a major one. Every little shake gets us more prepared. All of our large furniture and TVs are strapped down (which will also come in handy if bear decides to turn our whole entertainment center into a jungle gym). We also have lots of canned food and water, and an escape plan that includes the dog. All we need to do now is to restock some first aid stuff.
I hope that these precautions will work more like Murphy's law. If we're prepared maybe the big one will never really happen? Cross your fingers for us! In the mean time... it's time to enjoy this beautiful day.

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