Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's an Eeyore's kind of day

Today has been a seriously rough day! ugh!!!! Actually... this week just started off all together on the wrong foot. For some reason I've been super tired, which obviously makes all the regular stresses of the day about 10 times worse. And, of course, for some reason everyone else in the house is in this same funkafied state... Is there going to be a full moon tonight? Has the gravitational pull of the universe suddenly reversed? Or, are we just prepping for the hour we'll be losing on Sunday night? I don't know what's going on but I hope it passes soon!
It all started off with Bear's sleep schedule getting a little messed up over the weekend. Usually we're able to jump right back in after a day or so but it seems that her sleep schedule is starting to change due to the fact that her 9 month birthday is quickly approaching. She is trying to let go of one of her naps. But since we've already goofed up our schedule, I just can't tell which nap she wants to get rid of... And this, of all the weeks, is when I could use a few simple naps the most ~ just last week I would put her down, rub her tummy and kiss her on the cheek, then as the door closed she would quickly head off to dream land with out a peep. This week it's just fight, fight, FIGHT... (insert mommy tears hear).
And of course, we can't forget Acadia. When you feel frazzled, frustrated, and tired Acadia will always be there to remind you how much more frazzled and stressed out things can get. Sadly for Acadia the weather out here has been really awful the past few days. On and off showers followed by cool, windy weather has left us with short walks for the overly active pup. We did attempt to go to the dog park yesterday in the hopes that it would help burn up some much needed energy and play time... but sweet, nutty Acadia seems to be the out cast of the puppy park. She is by far too passive and ADD to stay along with the pack of dogs running about. After about 10 minutes of greeting and sniffing she decided to try and take a swim in the communal dog water dish. ACK!!!!! She still smells... and so does the car... and it now seems to have moved on to her breath ~ I think we both need a spa day...
Any ways, today just didn't seem to be getting better. The weather just doesn't want to improve, bear doesn't really want to sleep, and I'm just all around cranky... and I won't even get started with the mess in the house that just keeps piling, piling, and piling up! So, after 3 different socks we're destroyed vie doggy teeth, along with bear's only winter hat, I packed us all up mid-day and sent Acadia off to doggy day camp. I then quickly hit up our drive through Starbucks; only to wait an extra 10 minutes for my drink which only caused another domino affect of being super late for our last nap of the day... which just wasn't going to happen any ways.... sniff... sniff... At least I got a free drink out of the wait though.
After waiting out bears whines and grunts for about 40 minutes I laughed and gave in, 'cause what else can I do but give in at this point. Maybe I've just been fighting it all too much?
Though bear didn't sleep for her last nap, I still had one less thing to worry about late in the afternoon. Acadia was off playing (that's one less walk, poopy pick up, and dinner to feed) so the bear and I spent some quality time rolling around and cuddling on the floor. As soon as daddy arrived home I handed over bear and took off. I needed a break from our nightly routine.
After some quick shopping, some Chinese food and a few crappy bravo TV shows things seemed to mellow out a bit... I think I'm just ready for a vacation.

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