Friday, March 7, 2014

{Highlight Reel} Frozen, Running, and Live Oaks.

Not much happened this week. Bear and I were both sick so we spent more time at the house than usual.


Let It Go

The acceptance speech by the writers of "Let It Go," was so powerful on Sunday night at the Oscers. 

Let It Go has been our national anthem around here since we saw Frozen back in November. It has been a powerful song for me; not only do we frequntly dance around the house to it but it's a favorite on my running playlist. I was so touched by the quote up above. "...never let fear or shame keep you from celebrating the unique people that you are." I want my daughters to know (and live) this message, too.

Registered for my half marathon.

Late afternoon trip to the park. This picture makes me think of the 100 acre woods. 

And that's about it.

Happy Weekend! 

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