Monday, March 24, 2014

{Highlight Reel} Birthday Edition

We've been busy since last Monday. My parents have been in town and this past weekend kicked off my birthday celebrating; because one day of celebrating just isn't enough...

The preppings of a St. Patrick's Day feast.

A trip to the San Diego Zoo. The flamingos are their favorite.

I dressed up for a tea party. Please ignore the mess(eek). I just wanted to show some solid proof that I looked nice this week...

Early birthday celebrating at Stone Brewery. I tried Quail Knots or the first time and they were amazing! 

Wine tasting in Temecula. We saw three wineries total.

At Calloway Winery, with my dad. 

And Happy Birthday to me! 



  1. What fine days with your family!

    You must certainly live near me, as I have visited all those places! North County, along the 78, close the Costco on Center Dr., near the Wal-Mart.

    1. Ha! How funny! We are in northern county, too. We're off the 76...Fallbrook area. We used to be up in OC but moved here over the summer ~ so much happier down here :)