Friday, February 7, 2014

{Highlight Reel} Raising A Sensitive Four Year old

We had another great week. Mostly due to my willingness to make some changes. I was able to let go, again. 

This time I'm letting go of bear. Not physically, or literally, of course... 
But I've come to realize that I've been passing my own fears, my own experiences and my own perceptions onto bear. 

I've realized that I've been so afraid of not making good connections and friendships, in our new town, that I've passed it all onto my little four year old.

It's been the main cause of some of the problems we've been having. 

Bear would cling to me during drop off at school and frequently tantrum on our way to the car, when I picked her up. 

She also struggled with choices and became very moody at times.

I was so defeated by these events, so worn-out and frustrated. I could barely think straight. 

And then - a clearing in the cloud - I heard an old interview on Oprah about the "sensitive child." 

Bear is my sensitive child, just like me, she picks up on all the emotions around her and then internalizes them.

In my 30's, I can sort through my emotions, but a four your old has no idea what all these feelings are. Thus, they come out in clinginess, whines and tantrums.

So this week I let go of bear, as I'm learning that life is a big balance of letting go and holding on. 

In turn, bear had a wonderful week. She's been getting close with another little girl in her class and she's playing really well with her little sister.

And since I wasn't so busy with bear during drop off/pick up, I was able to catch up with the other mommies. Which ment I had a wonderful week, too!

I feel blessed when I am able to open up and see where I'm doing things wrong. It's the first step toward making things better.

And there's nothing wrong with being wrong!


So here she is, with a squirmy four legged, jumping friend. My girls are princesses but they are not afraid of frogs. Even when they're super slimy and icky (I was not as brave...). 

On Wednesday I ran with the little one; she passed out. I got a good workout in & she got a much needed morning nap!  

Thursday the little banana and I attended out first MOPS (mothers of preschoolers). Banana got to hang out with other little bananas while I got to hang out with other mommies. It was amazing and informative and I felt connected. It was great! 

And today it was ballet! 

Happy Birthday to my dad!

Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. This is so wise. I think that I do this to my children sometimes--especially my eldest, who is also very sensitive. I need to be more aware of what my anxieties are doing to her. Thanks for writing this.

  2. Love reading all about you and the girls.