Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Time Is Here...

I've been super busy over the past week or so. My husband and I are trying to get as much stuff done around our house before the holidays arrive. We have family coming out to visit, making it extra special since this is our first Christmas in our new home.

With Christmas around the corner, and family on their way, as soon as Thanksgiving hit, my husband built a mantle for our 1970's outdated fireplace. Since then we've slowly been putting all our decorations together. This weekend we will be carving letters out to place on top of the mantel. While we wait for the weekend to arrive, I've been working on the garland. I grabbed lots of (FREE!) tree trimmings from Home Depot to make our garland. On Monday, after school, the girls and I collected pine cones, and then popped them in the oven for a few hours to debug 'em. Today I will spray paint them silver and the girls will paint theirs however they would like.

 Things are starting to come together

Now I just need more garland, more candles, and spray paint on those pine cones.

I am also planning on making a burlap table runner for our table and I'm hoping the husband has time to build a center piece box to go on top of the runner with candles and more garland and more pine cones and... Crossing my fingers!

I will post everything when I'm done. Now it's time for more coffee!

Happy Holidays!

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