Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pony Picture Day

This girl right here, she's something special.

*At Irvine Regional Park

Today I was able to visit bear at preschool. It was "Pony Picture Day," AKA: We'll take your kids pictures and we'll send you the bill later...

The school had also invited siblings to attend for pictures and then offered a nice little trot around the courtyard. Bear was pretty excited, she generally gets excited over anything out of the ordinary (another thing I love about my bear), little Hannah on the other hand was not so excited. If it wasn't for her big sister she would have had quite the fit on that little pony.

But before bear was fully dressed in real cowboy chaps, a leather vest with fringe, and the perfect little western hat, I had a chance to watch her amongst her friends. She was just so sweet, happy, friendly... and brave! 

And in that moment I could breath again because even though we struggle at home from time to time (ok almost all of the time...), bear is doing just fine. In fact... she's pretty darn perfect!

bear's mom

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