Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Day At The Beach

Last Friday we made our first trip of the summer season to the beach. We drove up to Huntington Beach, our favorite spot for playing in the sand and riding the waves.

Unfortunitly it was a bit windy when we got there. We were all chilly, even though the sun was blaring down on us. We still made it a fun family day and bear still managed to cover herself completely in sand.

Her are two of my favorite pictures of the day:

Not such a baby anymore, I can't believe this pose! 
My little supermodel... 

The only thing she wants to do is play and explore.
So a beach tent is perfect for her (less sand in the mouth)!

bear's mom

p.s. Congrats to my best friend and her husband! Their third baby girl was born just last night! 

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