Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bouncing Back To Basics

We took the fisher price jumper down from the attic this weekend so little miss roo could start her bouncing and playing journey in the circular baby saucer. 

And roo, just like her big sister, loves it! It was pulled down on Saturday evening; we cleaned it up and then let roo explore her new gym for the first time. She is just starting to actually jump today, three days later. The new view and toys kept her pretty distracted and it seems that she still doesn't fully realize that it is her that is making the jumper bounce up and down.

So now it is Tuesday and roo happily jumps, plays, gurgles and drools here beside me as I write. It's quite in the house, bear is sleeping and we're both enjoying the afternoon buzz. I have pushed roo's jumper up to the back door so she is essentially outside. She is contently watching the birds fly by, her doggy sunbathe and the leaves flutter in the breeze. You can tell that she is amazed by everything she takes in; her facial expressions show her little brain cranks churning away as she adds this new experience to her brain's 'baby files...' 

I sit and watch and imagine who she's is going to turn into. She looks a lot like bear did at this age with about half the baby chubs. I find it hard to imagine that within a year she'll be talking to us and running right along with her big sister. Life will change again as I will have two toddlers to keep up with. 

This Sunday marks 5 months. How can it be almost 5 months to the day already? 5 months! And, at times, I still find it hard to believe that I'm already with two... even one.
  "You are a miracle..." 
The first two years with bear almost seem like a blur at this point, as we begin to settle in with roo. And even though she's only 5 months along, she belongs to this family as if she's always been here.

And my bear continues to adjust too. You can tell in some way the bouncer is bringing my sweet bear right back to infancy. She can't get enough of the sweet little bouncy tune that goes along with the jumper. And it brings me back too. Back to bear and our first experiences together. 

And today I am happy, bursting at the seams with it!

bear's mom

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