Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I think I'm ready, Hannah.

So here we are, Hannah. You're due, according to the doctor, this coming Sunday, the 20th. But we both know you'll arrive when you want to. You've tricked me once already, as I've been feeling contractions now since Monday morning around 4 AM (over 24 hours ago). Oh false labor, you can be so cruel...

I was worried we wouldn't be able to fit bear's last trip to Disney in before you arrived. I was determined to get there and perhaps my own determination slowed you down. I do not know. But either way, thank you for that time.

Whatever the case I am blessed that bear was able to have this one last moment. We saw the Christmas parade, squeezed in a few last rides, watched the fireworks for the first time, and saw snow! Foam really but you, my sweet bear, had no idea. You thought it was amazing and I enjoyed every second of that flurried snow fall right outside New Orleans Square. Disney really knows how to suck you in, I don't regret the money we spent on our pass one bit! It's made for some really magical times for us and I feel blessed that I was able to spend those moments with you, bear. We'll go again for Christmas time next year and you can show Hannah all the exciting things we experienced at Disney, for the first time, together.

The next few months are going to be rough. A new born is no easy task; delightful, a blessing, oh so exciting, yes. But I know how much I like my sleep so I'm doing my best to embrace the infant induced insomnia that I'm about to experience. The hardest part this time will be taking care of toddler while taking care of new born. But I'm certainly not the first mother to have more than one child; so many out there are taking care of much more than just two. So I will just simply pray and ask for the ability to go with the flow and to remind myself that the sleepless nights will not be forever. Some day Hannah will sleep just as well as bear but it will take time and patience.

Oh, I am so scared yet so excited! Excited to see you, meet you, smell you. Excited to see if you'll look more like me than daddy and maybe if you have some of mommy's quirks about you. Bear seems to share a lot of quirks and qualities with daddy, which are all wonderful parts of her. If you're not like mommy, that's ok. Even if you're just like your daddy, you'll still do it in your very own way.

I can't wait for you to meet your big sister, she's ready to help take care of you too. She kisses you frequently and hugs you tight. She's going to love you very much!

To my sweet Hannah, hurry up... just a little!

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