Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hello Happiness!

I seem to have snapped out of the storm cloud of which I was stuck under for the past few weeks or so. It's mostly the morning sickness that had been keeping me down -- it really knows how to wipe a girl out! Which bear was already doing a pretty good job of before I was pregnant.

The morning sickness is still strongly here but I've given up on holding out on medication, so I can continue enjoying all the alone time I have with bear, before baby number two arrives! The medication seems to just take the edge off though, but that at least allows me to go to the park without worrying that I might toss my cookies in front of bear's little friends.

The morning sickness had really been keeping me on the couch and zapping all of my energy and I began to feel like an awful mom. I couldn't keep up with the house work, could barely cook dinner, and had almost no energy to play or deal with the toddler tantrums... Which I think we're probably more brought on from the unfortunate distance that I was creating with bear. Fortunately my energy levels seem to be returning - hallelujah! Now, if I could just get a break from the nausea department we'd all be back to our happy sunny self's!

It was really beginning to take a tole on me, not being able to give bear my 100%, but in some ways this is probably good preparation for her, because in the next 8 months bear will have to start sharing my attention with another little one. I'm wondering how this will effect her as she's so easy going and sweet, except during those tantrums...

But today is a better day. I feel more positive and thus bear is more happy which means the all around vibe in the house is a happy one.

Bear told me on the way home from the park this morning:

"Tortoise happy. Mommy happy. Emma happy. Daddy happy. Acadia Happy. Grass happy. Tree happy. Bird happy..."

I think she was just trying to say- "Mommy, I'm happy and I love you!"

Bear's mom 


  1. "This, too, shall pass..." Morning sickness can really wipe you out. Bear is adorable, so enjoy that little cutie.

  2. Aww, that is so cute! Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you are feeling better.