Monday, November 8, 2010

The sun doesn't always shine when you need it to.

Thought I'd write a little about how I'm feeling, 'cause sometimes it just feels good to get it all out there. I love everything about my life. I love my family in absolutely every way, from every whine to every bark, I LOVE my life here in sunny SoCal. But I do have to admit that there are times that something is strongly missing. Something that is certainly hard to replace...

We moved to the sunniest place on earth about three years ago and over those three years we've managed to make some friends, whom we meet up with fairly regularly, but really only when our schedules manage to collide perfectly. We also have a nice neighborhood with a nice group of neighbors who surprisingly seem to be in our same situation: moved from another state for job purposes, bought there place as a starter home, and like us, plan to sell with in the next two years... (Oy vey, I just hope we're not all on the market at the same time...). These friends and neighbors have helped us settle in, fufilled our social cup, but unfortunitely there's still a fairly big gap located somewhere between family and friends we're still getting to know.

We have not been able to find that close network that we left back in the north-east and mid-west. By  moving we lost that close-knit feeling from family and friends who stopped by on a breeze, helped you out with no ryhme or reason, and shared Sunday dinner with you. A quick reality check really hits hard once you find yourself as a stay at home mommy with a romping toddler of a bear. Don't get me wrong, the friends we've made here are great but they just don't fully fill in that tiny groove between grandparent and acquaintance. I also find myself losing touch with friends who I left way back on the other side of the continent. Facebook and phone calls just don't keep you as connected as one may think. I'm always glad to see pictures and get updates but I often feel like I should be inside those little 4X4 digital uploads.

Life changes, it brings lots of surprises and I guess I now have to figure out a way to fill this void.
If we're lucky, in the future, we'll be closer to family, but it's certainly not a guarantee. We will go wherever is best for us as a whole. I guess I just wrote this blip as a hope that if I put what I'm looking for out there, maybe it will come find me in some blogging-karmatic-manifesting-way.

Good things come to those who wait, right?

So here I am, waiting.

~Bear's mom

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