Sunday, October 24, 2010

Little Moments with Bear

I haven't been feeling like writing lately but I certainly don't want to miss anything! I'm just going to sum things up the best I can-- for now!

Here are some new bear words:
milk (mi-guh)
juice (ooo-sss)
Turtel (der)
Open (oh-oh-oh)
Acadia (dia)
door (duh-duh)
woof (fffffff)
bird (bur! bur!)
down (dow)

Words bear says when she hears them:
Pretty (pw-eee)
dinner (din-nuh)
push (poossss)

Things we've been up to:

Meet Turtle!

We've done a lot of fun things recently. Bear went with daddy a few weeks ago to the Long Beach Aquarium, which is where she found her new best friend- Turtle! He has now taken Piglets place as night lovey and we rarely leave home with out him. Poor Piglet has been demoted to second in command when it comes to lovey status but bear still shares lots of hugs and play time with Piglet and her other stuffed animals.

Purple for Spirit day
(I spy turtle)

Bear is starting to show a preference or favorites, in regards to music. She loves the theme song for the Little Einsteins which she learned from Playhouse Disney (at Disneyland). If I play the song while we're at home bear will request more ("more!"- "more!" -"more!") as soon as the song begins to come to an end. She also elegantly circles around the room and claps her hands to the song. She also just recently began dancing and jumping along to the songs when we go to Playhouse Disney. Her timing is perfect! She dances as soon as she hears the music and she jumps as soon as Tigger sings about bouncing. Smart girl!

Playhouse Disney

Bear is also starting to show an interest in our book collection. She picked out two books off of our book shelf, last weekend, which she carries around fairly often. And if she's not carrying them then she's sitting and scrolling through the book's pages, or showing me a page from the book that she likes.

The two books bear picked out:
"The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy" & Thoreau's "Walden"

Great taste in literature already!

This past Friday we went to the Santa Barbara Zoo. We got up early and tagged along with daddy-- he had a meeting at 9 am and bear and I decided we'd visiting the Natural History Museum (don't worry, we'll be back to visit you NHM!). But daddy's meeting was canceled last minute which left him with a free day to spend with us! So we visited the cute zoo and then had lunch on the wharf, we had the best calm chowder ever-- sorry Boston/Camden... This chowdah was better! 

Today we went to Disney for a quick morning trip. Bear was a little cranky, most likely due to our trip on Friday (she barely slept the whole day due to the trip). I wasn't sure how Disney would go over but I knew we need to get out! The weather has been bizarre lately and because of it, we've been stuck inside for over a week! It was a mini fight to get dressed and then some on again off again fussiness all the way to the car; but once we were buckled up and had some cheerios in hand, bear was fine and ready to go. 
We headed to bugs land first and then Playhouse Disney before we took off for nap time. Bear wasn't really herself, she danced but wasn't as excited as she usually is. She still had enough energy to go after all of the paper leafs though (they fall from the ceiling during Tigger & Pooh) which she then shared with another dad sitting in front of us. I'm not sure why-- but she was enjoying bringing all of her leafs to this daddy, she waved to him a few times, too - it was cute! Of course from all the activities and fussiness prior to our trip, bear passed out on the way home. Usually I can put her right back down when we get home but she just wasn't having it-- too wired by the time we made it to the crib ~ we still managed to have a great day though!
After nap time daddy took bear with him to run errands while I prepped dinner. We then let bear decorate her lil' pumpkin for Halloween. I decided to let her paint her pumpkin since she isn't really ready to help with carving yet. I set her up with lots of paper, a paint brush, and a couple globs of paint. It was her first time experimenting with paint (besides the few times I painted her hand print). At first she didn't know what to do but after watching us paint a little she got in to it... and wouldn't stop asking for more paint ("Moe! Moe! Moe!"), because if bear likes something, she always wants more of it! Even if she already has a lot of it!

More! More! More life! More everything!

So long for now!

~Bear's mom


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