Monday, June 14, 2010

On an off note...

I've recently started reading Marley & Me again over the past few days. Whenever I feel that Acadia is getting a little out of hand, it always brings me back to a good place. It reminds me that I am not the only person in the world with a goofy, way too energetic, and some times overly annoying dog. Don't get me wrong, I do love Acadia, she is a very special part of this family and when I say "special" I mean that in multiple ways....

I read this quote early this week: "Labs belonging to the American Line [rather than the English Line]... are known for their endless energy and high spirits and favored for the use in the field as hunting and sports dogs. The same qualities that make the American line of labs unstoppably superb in the woods makes them challenges in the family home." We too, just like John Grogan, ignorantly and idiotically picked Acadia out based on her exterior. She was cute- and that's all it took... the moment I saw her I shook my head excitedly at Chris-- which we agreed would be the sign if I decided that I wanted her-- before I even had a chance to look at her up close... We had heard good things about labs and knew she would keep up with us when we went hiking, running, swimming, etc. We also heard of how easy they were to train, that they were extremely loyal and great for families. Acadia does have all of these great traits which we absolutely love about her! She is sweet, loyal, loving, protective, happy and energetic. She's smart and learns new tricks quickly, and as soon as bear came home from the hospital Acadia immediately took to her as if she had been waiting just as eagerly as us for bear's arrival. But... no one ever tells you the other possible traits that some labs have. The signs were there when we first met Acadia but we had no idea, all we saw was the cutest puppy on the planet.

As I write this blog, Acadia is laying out on our back porch sun bathing, it's 1:30 PM and the sun is directly over head. It's 82 degrees and my dog is happily tanning away with her thick fur coat on... I don't think I'd enjoy sunbathing in a large fur coat, especially following a long walk in the in the mid-morning heat. But this has become a new routine and if I decide to lay out with my towel on the porch and get up briefly, Acadia will quickly steal my spot. Her light yellow fur is becoming a golden red from the sun exposure. Maybe, like the rest of California, she's just trying to get a tan?

I write this blog because, as I stated before, I am reading Marley and Me again. The book always reminds me how special Acadia is to us. She has played a big role in my parenting skills as well as my teaching skills. And as I look back on every piece of furniture, book, clothing, baked goods, shoes, toys (both dog and baby), towels, blankets, water and food dishes, and dry wall that Acadia has destroyed, as well as the scar on my left forearm... I've realized that a life without any bumps in the road wouldn't be such a great life after all. Each struggle with Acadia has given me some new perspective. Not only has she taught me to be patient but she has taught me to be firm and calm, and to be confident. In a million years I would have never guessed that bringing home a lab pup would change my life so drastically. And though, some days I may feel like it's all just too much, I really do love you, Acadia!

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