Monday, December 2, 2013

Brush Yourself Off!

I posted this picture on instagram yesterday because I finally! realized that for the majority of my life I've been believing what other people think of me. My truth became what other people saw in me because I wasn't confident enough to believe in myself. It wasn't until recently that I realized that my value and worth are not determined by other peoples opinions. When someone fails to see you as worthy, it is because of who they are and how they think, it truly has nothing to do with you.

So I'm getting the message now but I'm struggle to always live it. I care, a lot, with my whole heart, for everyone in my life, but I still struggle with those who refuse to take it, who refuse to just support me, as I am doing my best to support them.

There is a quote I heard on an Oprah show a few months back "We are a ten gallon people dealing with pint size people..." When you offer your ten gallon self to someone who's only got a pint size love tank, that's all you're gonna get ~ so just love 'em as they are, that's all they got!

So maybe it's just excepting that my heart is still going to get crushed by it, but that doesn't mean I'm not worthy. I still frequently hear my inner voice saying, "That's all you got for me? That's it?..." But I can't change people, I can't make them love me, I can't make them respect me, I can't make them do anything. I'll I can do is do my best and except things for the way they are.

And most importantly - no matter how much it hurts - I will continue to keep brushing myself off and keep getting right back up!

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