Saturday, August 25, 2012

9 Months Old! - Fun Milestone Photo (A Semi-DIY)

The little roo turned 9 months old Wednesday, so it's been a pretty exciting week here! Roo is becoming a little person, and though most of her words are still just babbles, she is really trying to hold a conversation with all of us.

Another fun skill roo mastered, as of her 9th month, is clapping her hands; she will do so any time she hears someone say, "Yay!" She becomes extremely proud of herself and then watches her hands in amazement as they come together and create noise.

But the most exciting part of all is that she is saying her first word: "Hiiiii!"

So seeing as it was her 9 month birthday, with some real exciting milestones, I decided to make this picture. I got the idea from Pinterest a while back but I was having a hard time finding the right app or website to do the job; until I finally discovered

PicMonkey is a great site for editing photos, especially if you like adding text! You can also make collages and banners for your website, or just purely for personal use. I have a lot of photo ideas in the making, stay tuned ~ I'm sure you'll see some more neat photo ideas soon.

Happy Picture Editing!
bear's mom

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