Thursday, July 15, 2010

bear's world

Here are some fun facts about bear:

Our first two words: mama & dada ~ Mama was first but daddy is surpassing mama by far-- we seem to be favoring daddy lately. I think bear misses him a lot since he's gone for work so much! Bear will chase after daddy when he leaves in the morning and then bangs on the door, after Chris shuts it, and yells "dada."
We know 3 body parts: foot (or feet), mouth, and tummy :). We also know ear, approximately and hair sometimes. We are also very fond of our toes!

Bear & Acadia clean the windows

Bear has learned that shoes & socks are for our feet and a hair brush is for our hair. Thus, when we see one of these items, bear tries to put them on or styles her hair by using the back of the brush :).

Bear has figured out that wipes are for cleaning and will clean herself, the floor, or her hands when she finds one.

Bear knows the sign for "yes," a sign I've used maybe twice, about a month ago... it showed up again two weeks ago when I said "yes" without signing. She also knows the sign for motorcycle which is pretty much the same as yes-- she uses it any time she hears a motorcycle, helicopter, lawn mower... etc. It really means -- "mommy I heard a loud noise..."

Bear knows that we reach daddy through the phone during the day. If she finds my phone she will pick it up, put it to her ear (approximately) and say "dada... dada...dadeeee... DADA!"

Bear, on-top of regular crawling and cruising, is also gorilla crawling (crawls with feet/knees off the ground). She does it pretty fast and generally reserves this mode of crawling for outside on pavement, hilly areas, or when wearing a dress.

That's all for now!

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