Friday, July 30, 2010

Bah Mime!

This past Wednesday evening I was getting bear ready for her usual bath. Daddy was still out of town, so it was just the two of us, together, prepping for bath time. I sang a little tune for bear, as I usually do when we're doing things like baths and diaper changes... Today's tune went something like "It's BATH TIME for bear, bath time for bear..." etc. And as I sang, bear began to chime in too! She has been singing for me lately and I wasn't too surprised when she chimed in with her own little chorus of the bath time song, only she said bath time as "bah mime!"
The following evening bear surprised me a lot more (regarding bath time!). Following a nice stroll to Starbucks, we all hung out in the living room playing with bear. It was about an hour before bed time and I figured we'd skip bath time tonight because bear didn't really get dirty during the day. As 5 PM hit, bear started saying "bah mime!"... "Bah mime!" It took me a few minutes to figure out what she was saying... It didn't really hit me until she started gesturing bath time, a sign I did not teach her... she made it up herself a few months back (taps her chest two times with her right hand). Bear then tried to take her shirt off. Unable to coordinate her two hands correctly (and also lacking the fully developed motor skills for such a task...), she skipped out on taking off her close and headed for the bathroom. Chris and I, at this point, were very tired and still comprehending the fact that bear had just said two words together (and she did not imitate us, she said it fully independent ~ hurray!!!), we essentially looked like to lazy sloths lounging in an afternoon haze... With Chris being out of town and all the running around we did with uncle Josh, I had minimal energy left to do anything. Chris was also exhausted due to completing a full week of work within 3 days while being in Nevada. Both of us stared at one another waiting for the other to get up and follow bear. Our delay seemed fine as we thought the bathroom door was closed so we felt no need to rush. But we were wrong! And, as the two of us laid there playing bathroom chicken, we soon heard the door fling open, followed by the pitter-patter of knees and hands on the cool tile floor. By the time we made it into the room, bear was already in her little blow up tub. She looked right up at us and said "bah mime!...bah mime!...BAH MIME!..." And, well... of course we gave her a bath! What good talking!
Now bear wants to take baths all of the time! This morning bear said "bah mime" again and snuck into the bathroom while I was doing my hair. She was very upset when I took her out of her little tub and brought her back into the living room. I quickly distracted her and before I knew it, she was banging on the front door, looking back at me, and saying "bye bye!"

Bear requested to sit like a big girl at Starbucks :)

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