Monday, March 1, 2010

The Monday blues...

Oh Monday! Certainly the saddest day of the week-- it is the day that daddy returns to work you know...
We had a great weekend at home with just the three of us and the pup. We spent most of Saturday avoiding the rain, being lazy and re-arranging the attic. I took my first nap since bear started sleeping through the night. Wow, I forgot how good it feels to nap!
After my nap (and bear's last nap of the day)we headed to Red Robin's for dinner. After a day of cabin fever we were ready to get out of the house. We usually don't go out for dinner since bear heads to bed promptly at 6 PM. But, we needed to get out and figured if we made it out by 5 PM we'd be able to put her down some where near her bed time. A little change in schedule is good for all of us once in a while!
When we arrived at Red Robin we were surprised at how many other families were there too. About 90% of the diners were families, most with very young kiddos. Prior to bear the earliest we'd head out for dinner was 7 PM. We have now truly joined "The Parent's Club."
Going out to eat has recently become even more exciting for all of us now that bear is able to sit in a restaurant high chair and eat a little bit of food with us (baby food of course). The bear just loves it, esp. since she has 100% access to the table -- which means I spend about 90% of the time trying to keep things out of her reach. While we sat and waited for our food, bear (for the first time) showed daddy how upset she gets when something she wants is taken away-- oh the tears and cries! After a few minutes of getting over the cardboard crayon box that daddy took away, bear became very silly. At the same time there was also a lot of commotion from the table next to us. The table had two parents with two boys, an 11 month old and most likely a two year old. The two year old had gotten up from the table and started waving his arms and yelling "ahhhh." Shortly following Emma began to imitate the same sound w/her arms waving out like an airplane. She seemed to be trying hard to get the little boys attention. After a few attempts of imitation the boy finally saw Emma and he responded right back at her with an even louder "aaaaaaah." It was the funniest and cutest thing I had ever seen ~ my little bear was flirting for the first time!
Shortly after the table with the little boys left, bear was starting to get a little fussy. It was just about time to leave and she began to make her "I want mommy" whines. I was still eating so I attempted to distract her while I finished, but she wasn't having any of it. After a minute or so I expected her to start crying, but instead she gestured "up" for the first time! I was so impressed, my little bear is only 8.25 months old and she just gestured "up." Granted it is one of the easiest signs, but her hands were straight up to the sky, she clearly knew what she was saying (with her hands). And of course I stopped what I was doing and picked her up w/lots of praise, hugs, and kisses. What a smart girl!
Since Saturday's dinner I've noticed her bringing her hands together when we eat, I think the gesture for "more" will make it's appearance next.
I am so impressed ~ what a smart cookie!

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